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Bengaluru. India’s leading commercial electric vehicle maker Altigreen, in collaboration with Exponent Energy, has launched a brand-new variant of its successful three-wheeler cargo EV neEV – the neEV Tez. Featuring an 8.2kWh e^pack, a proprietary battery by Exponent built using regular LFP cell chemistry, neEV Tez delivers a 98 KM Range (ARAI Certified) and city drive range of 85 kms.

It charges from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes at Exponent’s e^pump charging network, making it the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle.

neEV Tez starts at a price point of ₹ 3,55,000 with a vehicle warranty of 5 years/ 1 lakh kms and an unprecedented battery warranty of 5 years/1.56 Lakh kms. Earlier, in August 2022, Altigreen and Exponent Energy had announced their partnership aimed at making rapid charging a reality for electric vehicles on Indian roads.

neEV Tez is the first product to emerge out of this partnership, featuring Exponent’s proprietary liquid-cooled battery that delivers an industry-first performance of 0-100% charge within 15 minutes!

This is achieved by the e^pump delivering 600A of current to the e^pack (15 times the industry standard) while managing individual cell characteristics, including thermals, to ensure safety, long battery life and performance consistency even at 50 degrees Celsius.

So certain are we of the fast-charge capabilities, that we have offered the unprecedented warranty on the battery, with 3000 fast-charge cycles tested!

Dr Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO, Altigreen, said, “neEV Tez will ensure maximum utilization of the vehicle owing to its long range and low charging time, thereby resulting in more trips on a single charge and high earnings opportunity.

While consumers acknowledge that EVs offer a smoother driving experience, some have doubts arising from the myth of EVs being unpredictable and unreliable. For cargo businesses, this can be a potential hindrance in the business, forcing a cap on the delivery jobs one can take.

Traditionally, the root cause of this anxiety has been attributed to range and prolonged charging time. The game-changing neEV Tez finally offers a new and robust solution with its 15-minute full-charge capabilities. So the next time a consumer asks us, “Kitna chalti hai?”, we’d like to tell them, “Chaltie rehti hai!”.”

Arun Vinayak, Co-Founder, Exponent Energy, said, “We’re proud to launch the world’s fastest charging 3-wheeler — The neEV Tez, in partnership with Altigreen. While the neEV series already has best-in-class volumetric load capacity & ground clearance, the neEV Tez with a 15-minute full charge & 3000 cycle life warranty is an unbeatable proposition!

Beyond everything, mobility is about freedom and that’s what neeV Tez stands for. Along with the e^pump network, customers will experience unmatched flexibility and freedom to do more, earn more and keep going”

Altigreen’s neEV range of technologically advanced EVs is reimagining the way electric 3-wheelers are perceived in India. Altigreen neEV cargo EVs are indigenously built keeping in mind India’s road conditions and temperature and are ideal for intercity and intracity transportation.

Available in three variants – the High Deck, the Low Deck, and now Tez, neEV is the perfect solution for last-mile delivery.

The Bengaluru-based Altigreen is constantly ramping up its capabilities through innovation and aggressive expansion with its pan-India presence (12 cities already, with a plan of 30 in FY23) catering to the rising demand. Altigreen’s product offering stands on four strong pillars: longest range, largest volumetric capacity, highest ground clearance, and greatest torque.

NeEV Tez has been launched keeping in mind all business owners – from those owning a single vehicle, to an aggregator of 1000s of vehicles in the logistics space.

The aim is to deploy 2,000 neEV Tez’s as part of the first phase of commercialization in Bengaluru. Exponent will deploy at least 100 e^pumps in every city that it operates in starting in Bengaluru.

About Altigreen:

Founded in 2013, Altigreen (https://altigreen.com/) designs, engineers and produces Electric Vehicles for the last-mile transportation segment. Altigreen’s Made in India / Made for India products are specifically designed for the Indian environment, road conditions and driving behaviours.

Altigreen’s technology results in 3W Electric Vehicles that compete in performance with Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. Headquartered with a factory in Bangalore, and with regional footprints across India, the company’s patent portfolio spans over 60 countries with 26 patents granted, including 6 in the US.

Global awards received by Altigreen include those from World Wide Fund for Nature, Niti Aayog, ARAI, Economic Times, Elecrama, IoTNext, IDTechEx and more. Altigreen recently raised a Rs 300 Cr investment from Sixth Sense, Xponentia, Reliance New Energy, Accurant and Momentum.

About Exponent

Led by Arun Vinayak and Sanjay Byalal, Exponent Energy is an energy startup that aims to simplify energy for EVs. The company has built a battery pack and charging station called the e^pack and e^pump that together unlock a 15 minute full charge for EVs with any number of wheels & provide a 3000 cycle life warranty – all while using regular Li-ion cells to make rapid charging affordable and scalable.

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